Enlist in the Android Army: A beginner’s guide to Android

How to uninstall apps in Android
How to Switch from Android to iPhone: Full Guide
How to prevent number in Android
How to turn off (and open) Android phones and tablets
How to Run Android Applications in Windows
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Samsung Galaxy Fold: Everything you need to know
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Amazon black Friday deal: Mophie wireless charging plate is only $ 23 today

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How to transfer photos from your Android phone to a PC
How to transfer your photos from your Android phone to a PC
How to print from your Chromebook
How to get Android apps on your Chromebook

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Spotify adds mystery and crime to its own podcast arsenal with the acquisition of Parcast
Spotify continues to add to its growing portfolio of podcast assets by acquiring Parcast, a podcast studio known for its ambiguous, bold and ambiguous titles that attracted a large audience.
Posted 1 day ago - by Simon Cohen
How to transfer photos from your Android phone to a PC
How to transfer your photos from your Android phone to a PC
If you have not already done so, you must back up your photos on a computer. Here's how to transfer photos from an Android phone to a PC using third-party services and a wide range of storage devices.
22 hours ago - by Hillary Grigonis

How to print from your Chromebook
Yes, you can use Android apps on your Chromebook. Here's how
Get Android apps on your Chromebook! Google has enabled support for the Google Play Store app on Chrome OS devices and your Chromebook, so get started, here's our guide on how to get Android apps on your Chromebook.
One day ago - by Mark Kubok

How to record your screen on your Android device
More than screenshot: How to record your screen on your Android device
If you want to record video on your Android screen, there are a lot of apps that can help. Here's an easy guide on how to record the screen on your Android device with the correct settings and apps.
Two days ago - by Mark Jansen, Tyler Lakuma
Galaxy S10 Plus vs. Pixel 3 XL
24 You must have apps for Android phones and tablets
Opening an Android device opens a world of possibilities, along with some apps. Here are 24 of our favorites, so you can get the most out of your root device and unleash the real power of Android.
5 Days Ago - by Marc Jansen

Huawei freebuds freelace wireless earphones airpods knockoff 2
FreeBuds from Huawei are a non-apologetic group of AirPods from Apple
FreeBuds from the Huawei's high-precision AirPod-esque look almost identical to Apple's wireless shoots, but regardless of water resistance, they do not bring much new features to the table.
22 hours ago - by Simon Cohen

Apple file system
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The judge recommends banning iPhone imports in the United States for violating Qualcomm's patents
Just a few weeks after a San Diego judge found that Apple had violated three patents owned by Qualcomm, a judge at the International Trade Commission found that Apple had violated another Qualcomm patent.
Posted 22 hours ago - by Christian de Looper
Amazon Fire HD 8 Front Angle
Before you buy your iPad, check out the $ 35 Tablet Fire deal on Amazon
If you are a member of Prime Shop for a cheap tablet for a well-known child or if you just want to buy one for yourself, Amazon Fire Deals (which allows you to register a tablet for less than $ 35) are just what the tech ...
20 hours ago - by Lucas Cole
Uber now offers 15 monthly plans to reach cheap prices
Uber Expands Ride Pass Low Cost to 17 Other Cities
Uber launched the money-saving Ride Pass in five cities in October 2018. This week, it was launched in 17 additional locations, saving up to 15 percent savings per trip for a monthly fee.
12 hours ago - by Trevor Mugg

huawei mate 20 review dt
How to make EMUI from Huawei feel like you are in your home: our guide to set up your phone
You are about to set up a new smartphone from Huawei or Honor, and you want to make sure that the EMUI user interface looks like a home. Follow these easy steps, and EMUI will serve you well.
7 hours ago - by Andy Pocall

Magic Leap offers another peek at technology via the new demo video
The Magic Leap One AR headset will be available from April 1 - at a high price
Magic Leap One AR is now available at a high price. Here's all you need to know about the device, including price, place to buy, Magic Leap glasses, and more.
7 hours ago - by Matthew S.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Silver News 3
Will Samsung remove all buttons from Galaxy Note 10?
Samsung Galaxy S10 is only unveiled, but Samsung is already working on the next major release. Not much is known about Samsung Galaxy Note 10 so far, but we have some details.

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